Condos with Low Maintenance Fees

Buying a condo essentially means buying into a low maintenance way of living. Condos can be an affordable and stress free way to live as each month the owner pays a maintenance fee to cover certain common costs of the building. While having a low maintenance fee is ideal there are other factors to consider […]

10 Mistakes Most Novice Real Estate Investors Make

Buying real estate is as popular as ever, and it seems pretty straightforward at first glace. With mortgage interest rates at all time lows and plenty of real estate to buy, many investors truly believe that they can do a bit of cosmetic work, accessorize a bit, and then put up the for rent or […]

10 Tips For Buy-To-Let Investment Success

The Buy-To-Let market place is booming. More and more people are investing in a second property as a long term investment plan. As attractive as the proposition sounds, there are a number of potential pitfalls that need to be taken into consideration. Use the steps below to ensure that your Buy-To-Let investment is a success.

2 Simple Ways To Identify A Bargain From Your Real Estate Investment

Most people spend their time wondering when the real estate market is good to enter and purchase real estate based on some friend’s recommendations. Others are more emotional and buy real estate on their whim and fancy. Such ideas may work sometimes but are not very reliable indicators on when to enter and exit the […]