When it comes to tourism in Australia, a significant number of visitors to that country plan extended holidays or travels within that nation. Many travelers who have Australia as a destination are determined to stay in the country for a period of months rather than weeks or days. As a result, the market for apartments and similar types of housing situations remains strong.

Recognizing the strength of this market, many people have taken to buying up and investing in apartments and other multi-family dwellings for investment purposes. Some foreign nationals are getting into this mix themselves.

When it comes to buying and investing in this type of real estate, the number of foreign nationals involved in the ownership of these properties understandably is largest in the major Australian urban areas. However, with more and more visitors to Australia — as well as Australian citizens themselves — becoming more interested in life in rural areas, more apartment units are being developed in smaller communities all of the time. These projects are ripe opportunities for many foreign investors interested in gaining a foothold in the Australian real estate market.