Not only is the natural wealth, Bali also a good place for properties investment with a great prospect too. Many investor interest to invest their money on property sector. As a favourite tourist destination, certainly Bali get more attention from the Indonesia government. Therefore, Bali is one of the province in Indonesia which has a good development growth after Jakarta. There are a few things you should consider if you interest to invest on property market in Bali, because it’s not easy to choose a property for the purpose of investment, especially if you haven’t been to Bali. Do a lot of research be about the property, the location that fits with your needs, the condition of neighbourhood, and the price.

In this article, we are going to discuss things to keep in mind when investing on property here as well as the best location for property investment in Bali.

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Ask your family or your friends

First, you can ask to your family or your friends who live at Bali. Don’t forget to tell them what kind of property that you want to buy, and how much budget that you have, it’s important to fit the property price with your budget. So you can ask them the lowest property price with a good prospect in the future.

Buying And Selling Forum

There are many Buying and Selling Forum on internet, many people use it to sell their property through forum. Find what kind property that you looking for from the trusted source, and ask them to make an appointment with you to explain about the property details.

Go To Property Agent

Maybe it will make you a little bit busy, but it’s the safe way to find Bali property for sale from the trusted source. Just come to property agent office the closest from your house, and explain according to what you want. After that, the agent property will give you some of recommendation properties. Choose the trusted property agent, so they won’t fool you about the price of property.

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Visit the Site of Buying and Selling Property

You can find website of buying and selling property in Indonesia. Especially in Bali, there are many websites sell the property which is only devoted to the Bali area. One of the best website Buying and Selling Property in Bali is Over there, you will get some kind of properties like land, villa, real estate, and house complete with their summary like price, wide-scale, and location.

There are several areas that we recommend for investment. They are Petitenget, Seminyak and Kuta. If you want a more affordable choices but still profitable spot to invest, we suggest you to go with Tabanan, Canggu and South Kuta. There are also many small islands nearby scattered around Bali Island. These small islands sometimes, offer a great affordable investment opportunity.

Those are the tips on how to find Bali property for sale, hopefully can serve as references for you who are looking for property in Bali.

Do you have a plan to do real estate investment in Bali? Let us know in the comment below!