There are things you can afford and those that you should pay more now and save more money down the line. Of course being a smart consumer, you should only make purchases on things that are only within their budget limit. Meanwhile, a smart eco-friendly consumer stretches their budget by making purchases that are not only beneficial for them and for their Santa Monica homes, but for the environment as well.

Those home owners that have big budget can go to extreme to be more environmental friendly and for those with smaller budget, you can also make small investment to save money in long run and save energy as well. So here are some tips for going green:

Big budget ideas. You can equip your Santa Monica homes with solar panels or wind turbines to generate electricity. Try installing a composting toilet and of course purchase new energy efficient appliances. You can purchase electric cars or more energy efficient cars to lower the gas consumption of your automobiles.

And if you are planning to further expand your education, you can seek to match your passion for the environment with a school near Santa Monica homes neighborhood that has demonstrated commitment to sustainability.

Small budget ideas. Qualify for a state-approved appliance rebate program. You can get your money back when you buy an Energy Star appliance like dishwasher, water heater, or even washing machine. This will make your home more energy efficient.

If you can’t afford purchasing an eco-friendly car, you can still save up your fuel by using cruise control and making sure that the tires of your car are properly inflated to improve fuel efficiency. You can also try carpooling or engaging in the public transportation to save the gas of your car. There are free online resources to further expand your knowledge to go green. Simply use to find blogs and sites that show you simple ways to be more energy efficient. .
There are plenty of ways to be more efficient. It doesn’t matter on which budget status you may be included, so long as you have concern in the environment every good thing will follow.