Located on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline is the city of Tel Aviv. With about 443,939 people, it is believed to be the most populous city in Gush Dan – the most extensive metropolitan part of Israel. It has a longstanding promise of lively nightlife and beautiful scenery; which is every tourist’s dream. If you are planning on visiting Tel Aviv, then here are some things you should know about getting around.

As a tourist, a very crucial need is accommodation. Except you have family staying at Tel Aviv, your choices are limited to either staying at a hotel or renting apartments for a short term stay.

Most tourists opt for the option of short term rentals as it is economical, especially when staying with family. However, due to the massive influx of tourists to Tel Aviv, it is advised to make bookings of short term rentals ahead of time.

Jaffa port, Tel Aviv
Jaffa port, Tel Aviv

How to get short term rentals?

It may be difficult for a non-Hebrew speaking tourist to get an apartment for short term rent without some help for translation. So here are two ways to get fantastic options to choose from.

  • Agents: Various agents are available for tourists, especially the non-Hebrew speaking folks. For an amount, you could get options of apartments to choose from. To make things easier, you have to tell the agent your preferences and what you need in an.
  • Online: The power of the internet cannot be overemphasized. You can easily see apartments advertised online, with pictures and descriptions of these buildings. There are also numbers for you to contact the owner of these buildings to bargain prices with them. You do not need to fret over finding these locations on arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport. There are options of transportation to choose from; the most common being Tel Aviv airport taxi. If booked ahead of time, you get picked at the airport, with your driver holding up a sign with your name on it and then you’ll be taken straight to your apartment.
Jaffa beach, Tel Aviv
Jaffa beach, Tel Aviv

Why do you need short term rentals?

  • Comfort: Tel Aviv gets a lot of tourists around the year, so hotels tend to get cramped easily during the festive season. Admittedly, no one wants to have a cup of coffee in their robes in a crowded hotel restaurant. Renting short term apartments offer much-needed comfort and a chance to cook your food yourself.
  • Economy: Booking a hotel room is not a problem if it is a solo trip, but a family trip means more rooms and more expenses. You can avoid this if you rent an apartment. Homeowners make it easy for tourists as the houses come furnished, and even clean for you to use. Another plus is the kitchen where you get to make your food yourself, hence reducing the cost of buying food from restaurants except, you want to explore the rich taste of Tel Aviv.
  • Accessibility: A good number of short term apartments are situated in the city center. There you can get trains to nearby cities like Jerusalem, Haifa and Be’er Sheva. You can also make your choice regarding locations as there are still houses made available in other parts of the city.